Kálice is a premium multifunctional product with vitamin E and 7 precious vegetable oils for hair, body and face: Argan, Myrrh, Macadamia, Ojon, Sweet almond, Jasmine and Rosemary. This special combination is moisturising, nourishing, restorative, antioxidant, softening, protective and emollient, with light touch.
Inoar Kálice Shampoo 250ml
R 310.00R 264.00
Everything you need for your hair, face and body, in one multi-purpose line. A combination of 7 oils...
Inoar Kàlice Oil 8ml
R 130.00R 111.00
Kálice Multi-functional oil – Hair, body & face 7 Precious vegetable oils for hair, face and body. Kálice...
Inoar Kálice Oil 100ml
R 950.00R 808.00
The Queen of Oils – Kálice 7 Precious vegetable oils for hair, face and body. Kálice is a...
Inoar Kálice Multi-Functional Mask 250ml
R 500.00R 425.00
Everything you need for a Hair Treatment! All in one – Conditioner; Leave-in Conditioner & Treatment Mask. Use...
R 310.00 R 264.00
R 130.00 R 111.00
R 950.00 R 808.00
R 500.00 R 425.00