Inoar Speed Blond Gift Pack
R 650.00R 500.00
Speed Blond Shampoo and Conditioner is a basin kit for blond or grey hair. It acts progressively in...
Joico Hydra Splash Gift Set
R 975.00R 680.00
When fine-to-medium hair gets thirsty, quench those delicate strands with HydraSplash –Joico’s new hair care collection designed to...
Moroccanoil Repair Holiday Gift set
R 1,180.00R 975.00
The Moroccanoil Twinkle Twinkle Holiday Repair Gift Set includes restorative formulas infused with argan oil and nourishing ingredients...
Moroccanoil Hydration Holiday Gift Set
R 1,205.00R 1,002.00
For normal to dry hair, the Moroccanoil Hydration Collection replenishes nutrients to deeply hydrate hair while maintaining natural moisture balance....
Biosense Silver Treat Combo Deal
R 750.00R 590.00
• Biosense Silver Shampoo 500ml Protects against UV damage • Contains acid violet & acid blue • Neutralizes...
Goldwell Kerasilk Reconstruct Gift Set
R 720.00R 590.00
Enriched with keratin, silk and Hyaloveil, the  Goldwell's Kerasilk Reconstruct range is specifically formulated to nourish and reconstruct stressed and damaged hair!...
Goldwell Kerasilk Control Gift Set
R 720.00R 590.00
The Kerasilk Control Keratin Treatment and Kerasilk Control De-Frizz Service provide great solutions for long-lasting transformation of unmanageable...
Inoar Argan Oil Gift Set
R 650.00R 500.00
Inoar's iconic Argan range harnesses the power of Argan Oil, to restore shine to dull, lifeless hair.⁠ It...
Moroccanoil Volume Holiday Gift Set
R 1,230.00R 978.00
Take your hair to greater heights with the Moroccanoil Holiday Gift set. This on-the-go set features Extra Volume...
Moroccanoil Smooth Holiday Gift Set
R 1,280.00R 1,040.00
Moroccanoil Smooth Collection formulations are enriched with their proprietary Moroccanoil argan oil-infused blend, potent and ultra-nourishing argan butter, as well as...
Goldwell Dualsenses Color Gift Set
R 600.00R 480.00
Goldwell Dualsenses Color Brilliance is the next generation range for color treated hair. Keeps your salon color vibrant...
Goldwell Dualsenses Rich Repair Gift set
R 600.00R 480.00
Goldwell Dualsenses Rich Repair restores even severely damaged hair structures from deep inside and reawakens the shine of...
Milk_shake Sweet Camomile Gift Set
R 1,062.00R 885.00
With a delicate SLES free formula - specifically formulated to revive highlights - enhancing the brilliance and vibrancy...
Milk_shake Curl Passion Gift Set
R 1,020.00R 850.00
milk_shake Curl Passion range has been designed to specifically care for your hair. It offers curly hair gentle cleansing...
Milk_shake Integrity Gift Set
R 1,061.00R 884.17
milk_shake Integrity Shampoo is a cleansing and nourishing shampoo for all hair types. Cleanses gently with its formula containing...
Milk_shake Moisture Plus Gift set
R 1,069.00R 890.83
If all you want for Christmas is sensational, well-nourished hair then milk_shake has the answer!  Whether you are treating yourself...
Schwarzkopf Peptide Repair Rescue Gift Set
R 973.00R 695.00
Schwarzkopf Professional Gift Set is the ideal SOS treatment for someone struggling with dry and tired hair suffering...
Schwarzkopf Hyaluronic Moisture Kick Gift Pack
R 906.00R 695.00
Give the gift of supple, shiny and bouncy hair with the Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Hyaluronic Moisture Kick...
Moroccanoil Repair Travel Gift set
R 855.00R 739.00
Fortify hair in need of repair with the Moroccanoil Repair Takes Flight set. This on-the-go set features Moisture...
MUK Intense Repair Gift Set
R 810.00R 648.00
Get your hands on this amazing MUK value deal.--What's inside? Intense MUK Repair Shampoo 300ml Intense MUK Repair...
Moroccanoil Volume Travel Gift set
R 875.00R 714.00
Take your hair to greater heights with the Moroccanoil Volume Takes Flight set. This on-the-go set features Extra...
MUK Color Lock and Heat Protect Gift set
R 780.00R 624.00
With this amazing Color lock and Heat protect Combo, your hair will be summer ready everyday.--What's inside? Vivid...
Joico Defy Damage Gift Set
R 1,075.00R 780.00
Defy Damage is a game-changing home care system that universally protects color and hair health to help you...
Inoar Absolut Daymoist Giftpack
R 650.00R 500.00
It detangles the hair and ensures easy combing, whilst improving the hair's elasticity - critical especially in summer:...
Moroccanoil Hydration Travel Gift Set
R 885.00R 739.00
Keep hair hydrated anytime, anywhere with the Moroccanoil Hydration Takes Flight set. This on-the-go set features Hydrating Shampoo...
Inodola Color Gift Set
R 666.00R 460.00
Infused with Silk Cocoon Proteins, it locks colour into the hair as it cleanses to prevent fading for...
Indola Repair Gift Set
R 657.00R 450.00
Indola repair products work with hydrolysed keratin, an ingredient, which is highly similar to the make-up of the...
Indola Hydrate Combo Deal
R 738.00R 530.00
Containing Jojoba Oil, perfectly restores the hair moisture and nourishes dry hair for easier combing. The formula with...
Joico Moisture Recovery Gift set
R 975.00R 680.00
Joico's Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm for Thick/Course Hair is the best hair moisturizing balm that is applied to...
R 650.00 R 500.00
R 975.00 R 680.00
R 1,180.00 R 975.00
R 1,205.00 R 1,002.00
R 750.00 R 590.00
R 720.00 R 590.00
R 720.00 R 590.00
R 650.00 R 500.00
R 1,230.00 R 978.00
R 1,280.00 R 1,040.00
R 600.00 R 480.00
R 600.00 R 480.00
R 1,062.00 R 885.00
R 1,020.00 R 850.00
R 1,061.00 R 884.17
R 1,069.00 R 890.83
R 973.00 R 695.00
R 906.00 R 695.00
R 855.00 R 739.00
R 810.00 R 648.00
R 875.00 R 714.00
R 780.00 R 624.00
R 1,075.00 R 780.00
R 650.00 R 500.00
R 885.00 R 739.00
R 666.00 R 460.00
R 657.00 R 450.00
R 738.00 R 530.00
R 975.00 R 680.00